Mirror Betsy 90cm

Looking to make a small space feel bigger? Look no further than the stylish Betsy mirror! With its unique frame and sleek design, this mirror not only adds a touch of glamour to any room but also creates the illusion of more space. Whether you hang it in the hallway or above a table, this mirror is perfect for your beauty routine. Made with a glass mirrored surface, lacquered steel frame, and MDF back panel, this mirror is both chic and functional. Upgrade your space with the Betsy mirror and transform your room in an instant!


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Hey there! Have you been looking for a way to make your small space feel bigger without having to knock down any walls? Well, look no further than the Mirror Betsy 90cm! This stylish mirror not only adds a touch of glamour to any room, but its unique frame also helps to visually enlarge the space.

Made with a glass mirrored surface and a steel lacquered frame, this mirror is both durable and chic. The back panel is made of medium density fibreboard (MDF) and is also lacquered for a sleek finish. With a mirror surface of 80cm in diameter, it’s the perfect size to hang above your dressing table or console table for the ultimate beauty ritual setup.

So, if you’re ready to add some style and space to your home, the Mirror Betsy 90cm is the perfect choice for you!


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