Punto Large Sideboard in Green Navy or White

Spacious Industrial Style with the Punto Large Sideboard:

Combines modern aesthetics with functionality, making a bold statement in any living room or dining area.


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Spacious Industrial: The Punto Large Sideboard

The Punto Large Sideboard exemplifies how style and practicality can come together in harmony. With its perforated metallic doors and sleek design, it offers ample storage space and brings an industrial edge to your decor. It’s a piece that balances modern aesthetics with everyday utility, ensuring that your living space is both fashionable and functional. Measuring W 212 cm x D 45 cm x H 77 cm, this sideboard is the perfect statement piece for your living room or dining area. Some assembly is required, but it’s totally worth it for the stylish and functional storage solution it provides.


Shipping and Delivery

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For items in stock, we will be in touch to arrange delivery within 2-3 days.

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Blue, Green, White









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