Pink and Gold Rocking Chair Oslo Rose

The Oslo Rose Rocking Chair blends style with comfort. Pink velvet and gold runners add a touch of elegance, while the cosy design invites relaxation. Perfect for adding a chic look to your living space.


Experience Elegance and Comfort with the Oslo Rose Rocking Chair

Slip into the luxurious embrace of the Oslo Rose rocking chair, where timeless comfort meets contemporary style. More than just a chair, it’s a cherished getaway for relaxation.

Vintage Charm, Modern Comfort

  • Settle into the plush comfort of the Oslo Rose, marrying the nostalgic joy of rocking with a chic, modern aesthetic. It’s not just seating; it’s your new favourite nook to de-stress.

Stylishly Crafted for Your Home

  • The chair’s soft pink velvet upholstery pairs with shimmering gold runners, infusing a dash of sophistication into any interior setting.

Scandinavian Design Meets Durability

  • Embodying Scandinavian minimalism, the chair’s sleek lines and graceful presence blend effortlessly with any home decor, while its robust, titanium-coated steel legs ensure a durable foundation.

Perfectly Sized for Relaxation

  • With a seat height of 49cm and enveloping foam padding, the Oslo Rose provides a welcoming spot for reading, resting, or simply rocking away the day’s worries.

Easy Care for Everyday Living

  • The detachable seat cushion cover allows for hassle-free maintenance, keeping your rocking chair a pristine sanctuary of solace.

Reimagine your living space with the Oslo Rose Rocking Chair—a piece of furniture that doubles as a statement of art, inviting you to relax, ponder, and refresh.

Usually ships within 2-3 weeks

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 100 × 76 × 103 cm

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