Anthracite Dining Chair Bono in Weave

Anthracite Dining Chair Bono in Weave

The Anthracite Bono Chair’s woven texture delivers both sophistication and a tactile experience to dining spaces.


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Anthracite Dining Chair Bono in Weave

The Bono Dining Chair in Anthracite Weave introduces a modern twist on classic seating. Its intricately woven fabric provides a sophisticated look and feel, while the chair’s design emphasizes comfort and style. Perfect for contemporary dining rooms, this chair not only supports but enhances the dining experience with its distinctive texture and color.

These dining chairs offer great value and comfortable seat, you will not be disappointed.

Shipping and Delivery

The dining chairs are shipped from European warehouse once order is received – please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. We send tracking information and keep in contact so you know exactly when your order will be delivered.

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