Online furniture retailer based in Kilcullen Town

Kilcullen is a special place to live, it has a wonderful old town community feel with old style shopping and a beautiful river flowing through the centre of town. 

Local business

We started Oak Lane and Garden during the pandemic and wanted to get established online before attempting to open a bricks and mortar shop. 

Naturally Kilcullen was our first choice when it came to choosing our business location, which is crucial even for an online shop. 

 We found a large unit in Kilcullen Industrial Estate where we could receive our furniture orders and operate a small office as needed. We moved in during 2021 and quickly got to know some of the other businesses in the area, especially Eugene and Graham from Tara Equestrian. They have been brilliant neighbours, always ready to lend a hand when the trucks pull in. The small industrial estate is tucked behind the large Kaymed factory on the main road from Kilcullen to Naas. Our unit is next door to No.1 Fitness, it’s a great gym but to be honest we haven’t managed to venture in there nearly as much as we would like! Maybe this autumn now that the kids are back to school. 

Family Run

We are a family run business and we manage this between other commitments, working flexible hours. We mostly work from home and manage orders and queries throughout the day, working on the website and social media all the activities that are needed in order to run an online shop. 

We realise buying nice furniture is a tough decision and there so much choice that its hard to narrow down a selection. We have have had many customers visit our warehouse to check out the furniture before buying, that works well as we typically advertise for items we have in stock. 

Come Visit or Get Some Advice

 If you see something you like and want to discuss how it might fit within your home style we would be happy to offer some advice. We have many years of experience with interior styling, coupled with interior design qualifications that make Oak Lane Home and Garden the right choice. 

If you would like to come see any of our stock then please give us a call or text  on 089 2723334 and we would be happy to arrange. 


Gillian from Oak Lane

Image of owner of oaklane home and garden

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